Teaching our Children

The Faith does not mean an alienation from any culture for any people because all cultures await Christ and are not destroyed by the Lord. In fact, they reach their maturity.

Pope Benedict XVI http://quotecatholic.com/index.php/faith-reason/pope-benedict-xvi-the-faith/#more-1464

Youth CCE Program

Our Youth Catachisum Program is formed by the grades 7th  through 12th grade.

The CCE (Catholic Catachisum Education) ever Wednesday of the week. Initiated with Holy Mass at six o'clock (6:00pm) then right after are the classes at seven o'clock (7:00pm).

If your Teenagers need any Sacraments (Baptism, Holy first Communion, Comfirmation) our Youth Program offers a Special class called Rite of Initiation for Teens (RCIT).

It is very important to bring your children to learn more exciting fact about our Catholic & Apostolic Church. Registrations tends to fall in the same month of School Registrations. (Date is  published on our Bulletin or on the Website Calender.)


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